Dear Church,

We are so thankful for all of your support and generosity during these past few years of “lock down”. What the Church globally experienced was unprecedented. Because of your faith and your willingness to continue to show up and allow God to use you in building His House is why we were able to see and experience such a fulfilling time of growth and what we truly believe to be a revival in the Pacific Northwest. We feel called to this region as though we are missionaries, and in so many moments living here really has felt just like that. This region has seen some very dark days and unrest which has awakened so many of us to preach the gospel more than ever. When the dark gets dark, the light will shine even brighter.

We have big plans for the future and are constantly allowing God to stretch us and to think even bigger. We have felt impressed to equip our people and continue to offer discipleship in a more prevalent way. This includes Equipping Nights, Men’s and Women’s Ministry, summer camp for Activate Youth, summer camp for Activate Kids, Activate Bible College with TheosU, Super Team Night with training on leadership, Bible based small groups and a consistently updated resource center. In addition to equipping our church, we continue to remain focused on reaching our community. We are excited to open our Dream Center and we will be bringing back our events such as Christmas at the Park and the Easter Egg Hunt which has reached 10,000 people in the past.

In Acts 13:36 it says “David served his own generation by the will of God”. We also believe God has called us to serve our generation. This generation, more than any other generation, is influenced by technology. Many people will never step in the front doors of a church but would willingly watch a service on YouTube. We are committed to making our services a produced 30 minute program that is easy to share with your friends and family who may or may not attend church. This is such a great evangelism tool for this generation and we are going to continue to make every effort to serve them.

We have attached a quick glance at the “Wins” we’ve had as a Church over the past few years as well as an expense distribution pie chart.

Again, thank you for your continued support and love - we know there are such great things in store for Activate Church. We believe we will be a multi campus church offering our services to multiple communities. This still in so many ways is just the beginning!

We love you,

 Pastors Isaac and Kari Maddox

Activate Church 2020-2021 Wins to Celebrate

Thank you for your generosity during this season of “lock down” - what we were able to accomplish during unprecedented times for the church globally is absolutely phenomenal!

  • Building Remodel
    • Lobby Remodel
    • Info Bar
    • Balcony
    • New Carpet in Auditorium
    • Added 100 chairs to seating in Auditorium
    • New Lighting

  • Activate Kids Church
    • Rebranding
    • New Carpet throughout
    • New Check-in
  • 2nd-5th Grade room remodel
    • New Lighting
    • Stage
    • TV
    • Tables and Chairs
  • Nursery - Kindergarten
    • New Tables
    • New Chairs
    • Paint and Decor
    • Play Structures and Rugs

  • Activate Cafe upgrades
    • Espresso Machine
    • Appliances
    • New Plumbing
    • Donations in tips went towards missionaries of over $1000.

  • Activate Church Outreach
    • Shelter during August 2021 fires
      • Water bottles and Meals given to community affected
    • First Responders appreciation
  • Activate staff personally delivered Camas Police and Fire Stations gifts
  • Christmas at the Parking Lot Drive Thru
    • 100 Christmas trees given away
  • Easter Egg Hunt Drive-thru
    • Local News Coverage
  • Church at the River
    • 4th of July outreach on the Washougal River
  • Christmas Production
    • Special Songs and Acting of the Christmas Story
    • Evangelism tool for unsaved friends and family
  • Warrior Princess Women’s Nights with over 500 women in Attendence

  • Benevolence 
    • Our Church helps support missionaries in Mexico, Cambodia and Romania
    • Helping Church members in their time of need

  • First Annual Youth Summer Camp
    • 75 Youth gathered bonding and building their relationship with Jesus

  • Activate Worship album recording

  • Pastoral training in Sacramento with Jesus Culture for all pastors

  • International Speakers
    • James & Gini Monaghan with City Life Church in South Africa
    • Jon Norman with Soul Church in the UK
    • Havilah Cunnington with Bethel in Redding CA
    • Nathan Finochio with TheosU
    • Deborah Giles with Jesus Culture