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Rethinking Theological Education

A Letter From the President, Isaac Maddox

We are so excited for this coming school year and for what God is doing in the young people of this generation. They are passionate for truth and for the things of God. There is no better time than now to begin your ministry journey, learn who God has created you to be and dive deep into His Word! Activate Bible College is made up of Christ-centered leaders, filled the Holy Spirit and in love with the Word of God. Our team is anointed to equip the next generation of men and women who will lead the Church and positively impact every cultural arena they might step into. The mission of Activate Bible College is to offer biblically-centered and practical theology in a pastoral and personalized context. We are located in Camas, Washington, serving all local areas in the Portland / Vancouver metro area. If you are not local and wish to attend, contact our offices to discuss living options. We woud be happy to help find a place that fits your needs. Activate Bible College will be meeting three times per week (plus Sundays) for classes in the morning and practicum in the afternoon.
We are starting Activate Bible College because many people are hungry for teaching, truth and doctrine. We want our students to explore the fullness of theology and what scripture contains and reveals through the Greek and Hebrew hermanutics. We believe that all of life is rooted in your belief system which is anchored in your theology and understanding of scripture. We believe our partnership with Theos Seminary and Nathan Finochio offers the best Bible and theological experience on the planet. We welcome you on this journey as we rethink theological education. We believe this will catapult you into all God has for you while building a strong foundation in Biblical truth.
Classroom Schedule
9AM - 12PM Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Missions Trips
Mexico - Activate Church supports missionaries Randy and Lui Mishler based in San Jose Del Cabo Romania - Activate Church is partnered with Salem Church in Oradea, Romania
Practicum & Ministry Training
Worship, Production, Kids Ministry, Outreach, Team Building, Church Operations, Preaching/Teaching, Event Planning, Youth Ministry
Activate Bible College is partnering with Theos Seminary to offer 1 year Associates Degree and 2 year Bachelors Degree.

Faculty & Staff

Nathan Finochio

Founder & President of TheosU and Theos Seminary
Nathan was a teaching pastor of Hillsong Church for several years. He is the author of “Hearing God”, leads a band called “Royal Royal” and studied in Portland, Oregon at Portland Bible College.

Isaac and Kari Maddox

Activate Church Lead Pastors
Isaac and Kari have been in full time ministry for over 20 years.They spent 8 years as youth pastors and 1 year ministering in Australia before planting Activate Church.They are in love with the local church because it’s what Jesus said He is building.

David Zimmerman

Activate Bible College Director
David grew up in Vancouver, Washington and graduated with a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. David will bring Bible-centered teaching and guidance to students of Activate Bible College, with previous experience in teaching, music and youth pastoring.

Sarah Sizemore

Activate Church Executive Pastor & Activate Bible College Practicum Director
Sarah has been in ministry for 15 years and was a part of the Activate Church planting team. She is the executive pastor at Activate Church and oversees operations. Sarah has her Associates Degree in Humanities and Theology from Portland Bible College.

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