Home Groups are starting all over the Camas/Washougal and Vancouver area the first weekend of May. May 5th and 6th our church will be gathering in homes, building relationships and studying the bible together!

We believe that God has called us to spend time with each other, pray for one another and help spur on our faith!

Join a home group today!


Here's a list of our current Home Groups that are taking place. We currently meet every first weekend of the month. If you are looking to get plugged into Activate Church this is a great way to meet friends and put your roots down. 

Gabe and Melanie Sizemore

Camas, Washington
Text/Call: 360-281-3755

Kris and Heidi Petersen & Jarron and Oana Born

Vancouver, Washington

Heidi: 509-521-9277

Randy and Laura Nordgren 

Washougal, Washington
Call: 971-220-3597

Dave and Cindy Fahndrich

Vancouver, Washington
Dave: 503-956-2115
Cindy: 360-609-1938

Andrew and Tavianna Orlando & Ryan and Jamie Earls

Vancouver, Washington
Tavianna: 360-961-7332

David and Jessica Zimmerman

Vancouver, Washington
David: 360-608-9933
Jessica: 206-719-3233

Jermain and Tiffany Williams

Vancouver, Washington
Tiffany: 845-821-0010

Kyle and Sarah Sizemore

Washougal, Washington
Kyle: 503-367-2273
Sarah: 971-404-8257

Brandon and Tiffany Lovelace

Washougal, Washington
Brandon: 360-904-7628
Tiffany: 503-883-1908

Jared and Tasha Donald

Washougal, Washington
Jared: 503-791-7772
Tasha: 503-915-6550

Austin and Cher Scroggins

Vancouver, Washington
Austin: 360-560-5588
Cher: 360-773-6088

Andrew and Jessica Mofford

Vancouver, Washington
Andrew: 360-334-1850
Jessica: 360-903-8892

Alex and Laura Trolese

Vancouver, Washington
Alex: 503-381-0890
Laura: 360-513-6465

Joshua and Jessica McNack

Camas, Washington
Josh: 971-940-0278
Jessica: 360-335-7810

Brandon and Serene Pasa

Camas, Washington
Brandon: 360-901-8531
Serene: 360-931-2192

Phil and Haleigh Haase

Vancouver, Washington
Phil: 360-907-3930
Haleigh: 360-907-6780

Other Small Groups:

Gabe Elliot

Game Night
Location: Activate Church
Gabe: 503-516-1643

Nicole King, Nicole Elliot, Mary O'dea & Jill Wirth

Women's Bible Study
Location: Washougal, Washington
Nicole: 503-320-3393

Jared Donald

Men's Group
Location: Washougal, Washington
Jared: 503-791-7772

James Martin

Activate Youth boys
Washougal, Washington
James: 360-901-8531