The Dream Center is open and accepting donations every Sunday from 9AM - 1PM.
We are accepting clothing, shoes, coats and food.
All donations are tax deductible. 

Camas Washougal Dream Center

The Dream Center is a drop-in, donation and distribution center that is currently open to the public every Sunday. We are working towards being open weekdays (stay tuned). We offer food, clothing and any felt need of the community. It is also a place to find your first step on the road from crisis to recovery. There will be recommendations on government assistance, trusted marriage counseling, drug and alcohol recovery etc.

The Dream Center is a ministry of Activate Church in Camas Washington. Activate Church has been an established non-profit since 2011 and has been residing in Camas since 2016. Activate Church is  congregation of over 1,400 members. As the Church we believe it is our duty and calling to take care of those around us and be available in any way, offering love and support. We believe in dignifying every season of your life. To dignify means to bring dignity to someone, to make one seem worthy. In God’s eyes we are all worthy of love, acceptance, help and grace. In Psalm 41:1 in the Message translation it says “Dignify those who are down on their luck; you’ll feel good - that’s what God does.” We believe that it’s our mission here on this earth today to worship Jesus, lift up his name and to love those around us. We can’t think of any better way than to offer a center that is ministering to the needs of this community. 

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We need your help! The Dream Center is a big vision that we believe will help hundreds and possibly thousands of people. Please consider donating to the Dream Center, all donations are tax deductible.